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Sun Stream Evolve 30 Far Infrared Sauna for 3 Person

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Maximize your sauna time and enjoy the luxurious comfort of the Sun Stream Evolve 30: the ideal sauna for creating the ultimate experience! 

  • 360 Degree Surround Infrared Heat = full body coverage
  • Hypoallergenic - made with 100% FSC Certified Premium Grade  Canadian Hemlock
  • Non-toxic materials, with your health in mind
  • Uses Water-based glues and lacquer
  • Emit virtually no EMF, less than 1mG from a distance of less than 1 inch from its Nano Carbon heaters
  • Industry's lowest ELF (Electric fields)
  • High Power 45 Watt LED Colour Light Therapy (Chromotherapy)
  • Kenwood Speakers
  • Removable Floor and Wall Heater Guards
  • Includes 3 x sweat stain-resistant backrests and more
  • Free Shipping
  • Lifetime Warranty for Residential Use

For the ultimate spacious sauna experience look no further, the Sun Stream Evolve 30 is your perfect match. The Evolve 360 Range ticks all the boxes when it comes to making a conscious and healthy choice for picking an infrared sauna.

It features the industry's first complete 360 Degree Surround Infrared Heat which means full body coverage. On top of this true innovation, is this sauna's Ultra-Low EMF and ELF Heater, projecting more radiant heat on your body for a faster and heavier sweat.

Why buy this sauna?

  • 360 Degree Surround Infrared Heat (industry first)

  • Emit virtually no EMF (electromagnetic fields), less than 1mG from a distance of less than 1 inch from its Nano Carbon heaters

  • Industry's lowest ELF (Electric fields)

  • Built entirely (inside and outside) from 100% FSC Certified Premium Grade Hypoallergenic Canadian Hemlock

  • Includes High Power 45 Watt LED Colour Light Therapy (Chromotherapy), which is significantly more powerful colour light therapy than our competitors

  • Constructed with non-toxic 'Titebond' water-based glues, not wood glues

  • Uses low sheen healthy water-based lacquer on the sauna's exterior, not high gloss oil-based lacquer that may off-gas harmful VOCs

  • No cloth covers on the heaters for easier cleaning, faster-infrared heat output and reduced potential off-gassing glues and synthetic fabrics into the sauna

  • No plumbing is required. It just requires a dedicated 15 Amp Outlet 2255 Watts, 230 Volt, 15 Amps
  • Tested and Certified for use in Australia and New Zealand - the last thing you want is a poorly tested electrical product in your home that can put your family's safety and health at risk
  • Lifetime Warranty for Residential Use

  • FREE ACCESSORIES: 3 x supportive backrests, 2 x L movable bench, 2 x towel, cup holder, 1 x aromatherapy unit, 2 x dry skin lymphatic brush and 2 x sauna hat
⭐️ Complete 360 degree Infrared Body Coverage

The Evolve 30 has a large heater placed directly in front of you on the front wall, providing true 360 Degrees of Surround Infrared Heat.

⭐️ Ultra Low EMF and Industry's Lowest EF/ELF

Emit virtually no EMF (electromagnetic fields), less than 1mG from a distance of less than 1 inch from its Nano Carbon heaters and Industry's lowest ELF (Electric fields).

⭐️ Smaller Concentrated Heaters

Equals More Infrared Heat on your Body

⭐️ No Cloth Covers on ther heaters

Most competing Infrared Sauna brands are adhering synthetic cloth covers to their carbon panel heaters. Our Sun Stream ‘Nano-Carbon” heaters do not use cloth covers.

⭐️ 100% Canadian Hemlock, No Plywood

The Evolve 30 is built entirely of premium grade FSC certified Hypoallergenic Canadian Hemlock.

⭐️ Superior Design Heater Guards

Sun Stream’s wooden heater guards are constructed with strong, thick wooden slats, widely spaced to maximize the infrared output for your sauna experience.

⭐️ Water Based Exterior Lacquer

Uses low sheen healthy water based lacquer on the sauna's exterior, not high gloss oil based lacquer that may off gas harmful VOCs. This will protect the exterior wood of your sauna while retaining a beautiful natural appearance.

⭐️ Titebond Non Toxic Glue

Constructed with non-toxic 'Titebond' water based which is approved for contact with food.

⭐️ LCD Control Panel

Adjust the settings to your liking from inside the sauna as your session progresses.

⭐️ Adjustable Infrared Intensity

This unique feature allows the user to adjust the Infrared Heat Intensity for different purposes and personal needs.

  • 100% Full sauna sweating experience
  • 75% Hot yoga, Athletic stretching, Injury treatment
  • 50% Elderly & health challenged individuals
⭐️ Bluetooth Audio Receiver

Connect your mobile device in an instant to enjoy your favourite music on demand! Concerned about RF radiation? Easily remove the Bluetooth Module from the Audio Circuit board & connect a 3.5mm Audio Cord to the device of your choice to reduce any possible RF radiation in the sauna.

⭐️ Kenwood Speakers

2 x Premium 2 way Kenwood speakers are installed to truly enhance your sauna experience!

⭐️ High Power 45 Watt LED Colour Light Therapy (Chromotherapry)

Operated by remote control, the Sun Stream Evolve 30 features our significantly more powerful colour light therapy verse our competitors very low wattage alternatives. Experience the difference!

⭐️ Removable Floor and Wall Heater Guards

Easy access means you can clean the sweat off our wipeable heaters to maintain hygiene.

⭐️ 3 x Supportive Backrests

These sweat stain resistant backrests will sit solidly in place and enhance your ability to sit back and relax.

⭐️ 2 x L Movable Bench

Put your feet up and relax with our unique movable bench.

⭐️ FREE Accessories

Including 2 x towel, cup holder, aromatherapy unit,2 x dry skin Lymphatic brush and 2 x sauna hat.


External Dimensions: 1535 mm (W) x 965 mm (D) x 1880 mm (H)
Internal Dimensions: 1467 mm (W) x 865 mm (D) x 1755 mm (H)

Electrical Specifications

The Evolve 30 requires a dedicated 15 Amp Outlet
2255 Watts, 230 Volt, 15 Amps
Electrically certified to AS/NZS 60335.1:2011

Sun Stream Evolve 30 Line Drawing 

Quick and Easy Assembly

With our invisible fastening system, installation is quick and easy. Our detailed assembly manuals with professional photography make for a stress free assembly experience. If you would like someone else to do the installation, please contact us for an installation quote. We can easily arrange this for you.

Download Installation Manual here

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Our hand picked saunas comes highly recommended by Doctors and Experts. Hear from some of them below:

Daniel Kirk Photo

Daniel Kirk - Sports Scientist | Paralympic Athlete 

“I chose Sun Stream for their Ultra Low EMF’s & toxic free materials”

An infrared sauna is an investment in your health. I am grateful that whenever I have a poor night’s sleep or my recovery isn’t where it needs to be, I can just switch our sauna on and 20 mins later I’m inside building up to a sweat and on my way to feeling better. I chose Sun Stream for their ultra low EMF’s and toxic-free materials. I also sweat faster in my Sun Stream than I have in other Infrared saunas I have used in the past.

Dr Oscar

Dr. Oscar Serralach - MBChB, FRACGP | The Health Lodge, Byron Integrated Medicine

“Sauna is an integral part in our clients Chronic Fatigue recovery & eliminating water soluable toxins out of the body”

I really appreciate being able to use a Sun Stream Sauna at our Integrative Medical centre in Australia . The combination of low EMF and complete Far Infrared Body Coverage make Sun stream saunas a unique and super useful tool for both our chronic illness recovery clients as well as our clients who wish to maintain and improve their overall sense of vitality and wellness. Highly recommended!

Dr Marina Photo

Dr. Marina Abrams - MD, ND, MSAOM | Water's Edge Natural Medicine

“Infrared sauna therapy safely and effectively delivers the sun’s naturally healing radiant heat directly into the body to help reduce blood pressure, pain and stiffness, and aid in weight loss.”

The Water’s Edge Natural Medicine Clinic in Seattle WA features two Sun Stream Infrared Saunas for their patients’ use.

Dr Ian Yamane Photo

Dr. Ian Yamane - DC, Clinic Director | Valhalia Wellness & Medical Centers

“All the heaters measured low EMF. I was very pleased with that finding”

In checking other companies where they have advertised that their heaters gave out low EMFs when I put them to the test some were actually over 100 mG. I love how the wooden grids come off to clean the floor heater and wall heaters if they get splashed with sweat. It’s easy for my staff to go in, wipe them off and keep the sauna sanitary.

Dr Shari Caplan Photo

Dr. Shari Caplan MD - CCFP, FCFP, FAARM | Vitality MD

“What we have found is that through genetic testing some people are more predisposed to develop a higher level of toxins and have difficulty getting them out, so we put a protocol together to help with that, which includes the use of the Infrared Sauna”

Dr Caplan is an integrative doctor who provides both conventional and integrative health care options to patients in Toronto. With the use of a Sun Stream Infrared sauna, listen to Doctor Shari Caplan as she talks detox & weight loss.


This information is not intended to prescribe a particular health issue or course of action. We are not medical professionals, so please contact your GP or health practitioner for medical advise.