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Frequently Asked Questions

3 degrees Celsius.

As cold as 3 degrees Celsius or as warm as 42 degrees Celsius.

The time to reach your desired temperature is dependent on the distance between its current temperature and the temperature you wish to reach. A few degrees difference will be very quick, however for an extreme change in temperature you will need to allow several hours. Another factor to consider with timing is the outside ambient temperature.

You can set the temperature directly on the Chiller Unit provided or Download your Cold Ice Bath's specific and dedicated Android or iOS app to set its temperature. This remote feature means you can set your favourite Ice Bath temperature wherever you are and according to your preprogrammed times.

Yes, as long as you are okay with adding your ice and regulating your temperature by adding cold or hot water.

Ice baths have long been used for decreasing inflammation and muscle soreness. Depending on the type of workout, immediately after could be a good time. Some like to wait several hours before going in. Before a workout might also be good for some. 

First thing in the morning is a popular time for many to promote resilience and alertness during the day ahead. You will find your sweet spot with a little experimentation.

Repeat the alternation between Hot and Cold Therapy once to three times. It is highly recommended to begin and end with cold therapy if you are doing the alternation more than once. But if you're only doing one session each, it is still recommended to end with cold therapy as your vessels will be narrowed and will help keep inflammation from re-entering the area. 

Cold Water Immersion can be of great help when it comes to weight loss. When practised regularly, Cold Water Immersion can increase the metabolic rate by as much as 16%. As a result of immersing the body in cold water, the body has to work hard to maintain its normal internal temperature. During this process, the metabolic rate increases to produce heat for the body. When practised consistently, this can result in a loss of weight.

The faster and more efficient your metabolism is, the more energy you’ll likely have, and the easier you’ll find it to lose weight. Cold plunging can aid weight loss by increasing the burning of white fat (a.k.a. “bad fat”).

Research and studies suggest benefits with the temperature as high as 20°C. This starting point is a great start as this allows your body to adapt to cold exposure and gradually you can reduce the temperature according to your preference and tolerance. A goal of 15°C or less is ideal. You can be confident that your efforts to embrace a cold plunge at the temperatures you can adapt to will deliver you incredible cold plunge benefits.

There’s no set standard time for this. It depends on your tolerance. For a beginner, doing it for 2-3 minutes is a great start. But on average, our users do it for three to five minutes. 

We recommend to use for no longer than 5 minutes as a maximum.

We suggest using it daily, but we understand that everyone is different in terms of cold immersion tolerance. Over time, you can build tolerance, but we recommend starting with a temperature you can comfortably tolerate.

Pregnant women or those who think they may be pregnant, and those who have cardiovascular disease or epilepsy should not partake in cold water immersion. Given how stressful cold water therapy can be for the heart and blood vessels, people with heart, blood pressure, and circulatory issues shouldn’t attempt cold water therapy without talking to their doctor first. If you have any other pre-existing medical conditions, please consult with your doctor before taking the plunge.

You can put it inside or outside. If placing it outside permanently, use its included cover and put it in the shade for energy efficiency, especially in the hot weather.

We recommend not to operate your Cold Plunge Chiller Unit in ambient temperatures exceeding 45 degrees Celsius or below 2 degrees Celsius. Using it under these conditions is subject to not being covered in Warranty.

We recommend you source your non-chlorine-based EPA-approved sanitiser from your local pool store and use standard test strips to check vital levels such as Sanitiser, Alkalinity and PH. This will give you peace of mind that your water is clean and safe.

For Xtreme Plunge Tubs:

We offer a 2-year warranty subject to normal use and not directly exposed to weather elements. This warranty does not cover wear-and-tear or abuse of the product. If you have an issue, please contact

For PlusLife Health Ice Baths:

It's covered by our no-hassle 12-month warranty. For more information visit this product's specific warranty page here.

Get in touch with or call us on 1300 478 819. We'd love to hear and answer your questions. 

A typical sauna session including heating time won’t exceed one hour. The following running costs are based on $0.25/kWh tariff from your electricity supplier:

Sauna Model         

Power Running 

Cost (Per Hour)

Evolve 10



Evolve 20



Evolve 30



The maximum temperature setting of our Sun Stream Saunas is 65 degrees, however it’s important to note that the actual cabin temperature of the sauna is NOT the key factor. Unlike traditional heat & steam saunas which rely on temperature alone,  a far Infrared Sauna heats the body directly, or in other words you absorb the radiant heat through the moisture in your skin which is then drawn in deeper through conduction to the muscles to induce a deep heavy sweat.

Far Infrared heat is most effective at lower temperatures so as to induce an oil sweat and the release of toxins from the body. Our saunas are designed to achieve this result faster than all other brands due the concentration of power into lower high watt density carbon heater panels, superior 360 degree radiant heat and NO fabrics or materials covering the surface of the heater panels and thereby blocking the radiant heat.

A pre-heat time of only 15 minutes is all that is required to bring the heaters up to full temperature prior to commencing your sauna session.

All Sun Stream saunas include an Invisible fastening system where the panels simply slot together to create a solid connection. Installation is quick, easy and requires only a screwdriver to fix the handle to the door along with a couple of additional minor tasks. There are no special electrical requirements with the exception of our larger Evolve 30 saunas which require a dedicated 15 Amp plug. Depending on the model purchased, installation can take anywhere from 30 – 90 minutes. Over 95% of our clients install their saunas without an issue, however should you be unable to carry out this task due to age, heath restrictions or the fact that you just can’t be bothered, please contact us for an installation quote.

Yes all of our models can be used outdoors, however good protection from direct rainfall is required, for example the Sauna must be located on a flat level hard surface, with full protection from direct rainfall, snow deposits, trees, shrubs and soil. The Sauna will also need to be protected by one of our canvas covers. Saunas placed outside without a Canvas cover are not covered by our Lifetime Warranty, unless after consultation with Sun Stream Saunas the location is deemed to be well enough protected.

Our Covers are produced by Coverworld Australia and come with 7 Year Warranty! Choose from 4 different colours, Black, Charcoal, Stone or Linen.


There is no question about the fact that Canadian Western Red Cedar is a beautiful timber, however when it comes to choosing the best timber for our health and wellness, it’s best to avoid cedar because it ranks as one of the worst timbers for Allergies and Toxicity.

Source material below is from the Wood Data Base.

Allergies/Toxicity: Although severe reactions are quite uncommon, Western Redcedar has been reported as a sensitizer. Usually most common reactions include eye, skin, and respiratory irritation, as well as runny nose, asthma-like symptoms, and nervous system effects. See the articles Wood Allergies and Toxicity for more information. 


By contrast Canadian Hemlock has hypoallergenic properties and no characteristic odour, making it the perfect choice to aid us in achieving our health goals without any potential side effects.

The main difference is the way the saunas are heated. A traditional sauna uses a sauna stove which heats special stones. Water is then ladled onto the stones creating steam, which in turn heats up the sauna cabin. An infrared sauna uses infrared heating technology to heat the body directly. Since there is no water involved, no plumbing is required, meaning the infrared sauna cabin can be placed in any room of your house.

Yes you can, however, the recommendation is to allow more than 6 hours between treatments.

What is Pulsing? Rather than delivering a continuous wave of NIR, or in other words being on all the time, pulsing is a rapid on and off feature that’s not visible to the human eye. The Pulse frequency refers to the interval between the NIR LED being rapidly switched on and off, this is measured and communicated in units of Hertz (Hz) or cycles per second.

What are the benefits of Pulsing? Some studies suggest that pulsed light can generate less tissue heating due to the on/off cycle per second, this technique enables increasing the LED intensity so that the light can reach deeper tissue depths without causing thermal damage.

Pulsing, does it work? Prominent light therapy companies are making bold claims with regards to the benefits of pulsing with little substantiation, currently there is no agreement on whether continuous wave or pulsed light is best and on what factors govern the pulse parameters to be chosen.

Conclusion: The real benefits of Pulsing NIR may well be the delivering of a lower intensity of light/dose which is more in keeping with the science associated with Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT). As more science-based studies emerge with regards to the benefits of pulsing NIR, our ROJO light therapy panels have you covered with the flexibility to choose either continuous or pulsed NIR from 0-20Hz.

Generally, yes. If your face is positioned close to the light panel during a treatment session, eye protection is highly recommended unless you are looking away from the panel or keeping your eyes closed. Use the device in a well lit room so that your eyes can adjust to the light.

Near Infrared light is beyond the visible spectrum, therefore you will only see a faint glow in the centre of the LED, but rest assured it is delivering plenty of energy as designed.

No, our panels are not certified for use inside the sauna. Additionally light therapy is less effective if our body is covered in a layer of sweat, a non-thermal setting is required as per the studies associated with Photobiomodulation.

Yes, however as it goes with any new treatment, please consult your health practitioner and an adult supervision is highly recommended.

While it’s highly unlikely you would consider returning your ROJO light therapy panel, we will accept return within the first 60 days with no restocking fee. For more information click here.

ROJO Light Therapy devices come with a complete 3-Year Warranty on the entire unit. In the rare event that you encounter an issue with your device, simply contact us for help. We will repair or if necessary, replace the entire unit to ensure you are able to begin treatment again as soon as possible.

For more information please click here.